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Wedding gift- Family name sign

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Wedding gift idea- Last name sign

Have you ever had a friend that you just know will be a life long friend? Someone who you maybe don't see very often, but when you do it's like you never skipped a beat? You can start right where you left off. And you could never possibly forget all of the memories you've had together. Well, that's what it's like with my friend Sarah. 
Sarah and I have been friends since middle school, when an alphabetical seating chart in choir class had us destined to sit next to each other. By our first year of high school we were best friends. We had sleepovers where we stayed up until four in the morning talking about boys, the latest high school drama, and family matters. We laughed, and we cried. We wrote ridiculously long notes that I still can't throw away all these years later because I still giggle when I read them. We had some years where we weren't as close as others, and some years where we were attached at the hip, but we were always there for each other when it mattered most. 

Here's an awkward picture of how cool we were at our prom in 2006 :)
High school prom

Sarah has lived in a different state since we parted ways for college almost ten years ago (has it really been that long?!). We saw each other sporadically through college, but I still knew all about her friends, her sorority, and that dreamy red head she had her eye on. They eventually started dating, and I must say, he was the perfect match for Sarah. I'll save you the story, but I will never forget the day I met him. It's one we will always laugh about. 
This June, I couldn't have been more excited to attend Sarah's wedding. She was going to marry her dream man, that red headed gentleman. I don't think anyone who knew Sarah growing up could have pictured a man any more perfect for her! I was so excited that I could be there to celebrate a childhood dream come true with one of my oldest friends.

Aren't these two just stunning?? I can't wait to see the rest of their wedding photos by Karena Dixon!!!
Sarah & Andy's Wedding

I used to make gifts for Sarah back in the day. I never had money to buy gifts, and me being the crafty lady that I am, I always came up with something to make... photo collages... hideous purses that I was so proud of... all kinds of things. So I wanted to keep the tradition going and make her a wedding gift. I love making signs these days, and last name signs are always a great wedding gift. 
I started with a plain wooden sign* that you can purchase at your local craft store.

Wedding gift idea- Family Name Sign

I painted the sign with a neutral color. You can never go wrong with neutrals when making gifts. Neutrals go with almost anyone's decor color pallet!

Then I used my favorite text transfer method to add the lettering. You can learn how to do this here. It's so easy! I print out my text in different fonts and sizes, cut everything out, move it around to see what combination and layout I like best, and then I follow the transfer method to trace my printed fonts. It ends up looking like this...

Wedding gift idea- Family Name Sign

Fill in all of the penciled letters with an archival ink marker* or pen. You can also use paint for this, but I find I have more control with a marker. 

Wedding gift idea- Family Name Sign

I added a ribbon to the back using a staple gun to make it easy to hang.

Wedding gift idea- Family Name Sign

I'm so happy for Sarah and wish her and her husband all the happiness in the world in the years ahead! I also hope that our friendship will continue to stand the test of time and that we will continue to be there for each other during life's monumental moments!!!

My forever friend and I with a baby bump and a wedding dress!

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Monthly DIY Challenge- How to paint fabric

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Monthly DIY Challenge

It's monthly challenge time! If you're not familiar with our Monthly DIY Challenge, each month, a group of my friends and I choose an item to DIY with. We each come up with our own project using a similar item or theme. This month's challenge is fabric!

10 DIY Fabric Projects

I'm still getting the hang of my sewing machine and am far from being a pro, so since I was pressed for time (Just got back from vacay! Woohoo!), I decided to skip challenging myself too much with needle and thread this time around and decided to upgrade some fabric I already had. 

In last month's challenge, I told you about how our family room is full of my old college decor, and my tastes of drastically changed since then. I am slowly revamping this room, getting rid of the old black and silver decor and substituting it with minty shades and lighter/brighter accents. I have these old black throw pillows that I think I bought at Home Goods years and years ago. I decided they would be the perfect fabric item for a little facelift instead of buying new pillows!!! 

How to paint fabric. Give your throw pillows new life with fabric medium.

I wasn't exactly sure how painting them would turn out, but I decided it was worth the risk since I had planned on replacing the pillows anyway. If it turned out awful, I could always donate them so someone else could try to give them some love, and then buy new pillows. To my surprise, it didn't turn out awful at all!

First, I cut off the old beaded buttons. The one pictured here can be salvaged for another project. The button on the other pillow however, has been losing beads for a while. Mr. Pillow was soooo ready for an update!

How to paint fabric. Give your throw pillows new life with fabric medium.

I decided to try Martha Stewart's fabric medium.* Sounded easy enough. You just add it directly to the paint of your choice. I chose a multi-surface paint in a color that closely matched the mirror I painted last month. The color is Martha Stewart's "cloud."*

How to paint fabric. Give your throw pillows new life with fabric medium.

I followed the instructions and mixed two parts paint to one part fabric medium. FYI, if you are doing more than one pillow, you're going to need a whole lot more paint! While the fabric medium goes a long way, I used about one and half bottles of Martha Stewart's 2 oz. bottles of paint per pillow.

I used a paint brush to apply it to the pillow. If your fabric is textured, like mine, try to go with the grain of fabric so that brush marks don't show. Try to work quickly because the first coat will soak into the fabric fairly fast. 

How to paint fabric. Give your throw pillows new life with fabric medium.

Here's the pillow after one coat. Like I said, the first coat soaks in a lot, so you definitely need two to three coats depending on the color of fabric underneath and type of fabric. Once you have the first coat done, it sort of serves as a barrier when applying the next coats.

How to paint fabric. Give your throw pillows new life with fabric medium.

While waiting for the first coat to dry, I worked on my new buttons. I found two replacement buttons in a similar size of the old ones. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any buttons in a color I liked, so I decided to paint the buttons too! Why not?! I found some pretty vintage looking buttons and applied the same multi-purpose paint to them. It took two coats to cover them and they dried quickly.

How to paint fabric. Give your throw pillows new life with fabric medium.

I applied two more coats of my fabric paint mixture, drying in between coats, and then allowed it to dry overnight. Then I used embroidery thread and an embroidery needle to attach the new buttons. 

The fabric is definitely a little stiff at first, but following the directions on the fabric medium bottle, you can allow to cure for 24 hours, heat set, and then wash and dry on gentle settings to loosen up the fabric. Depending on your washer and dryer, this might be difficult to do with a pillow, so you can always hand wash in a sink or tub after heat setting with low heat iron or hair dryer. 

How to paint fabric. Give your throw pillows new life with fabric medium.

I'm pretty amazed at what a big difference it made to have brighter pillows in the room! It was so easy to paint them, and I can't wait to try this easy fix on something else!

How to paint fabric. Give your throw pillows new life with fabric medium.

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