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Your Turn To Shine- No. 42

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Your Turn To Shine weekly link party! Share your crafts and recipes!

Goodmorning, everyone! Welcome back to the Your Turn To Shine link party! Sorry my post is late going live this morning! We are enjoying a week at the beach and of course my computer decided to be slow as molasses yesterday!!!! This morning it decided to cooperate a little more, so we are finally up and running! I can't wait to see what your latest creations are! Thanks for linking up every week!

Laundry themed baby shower gift basket

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My friend Sarah had a baby shower last month. I love putting together goodie bags or gift baskets for showers, so I immediately started brainstorming. Looking over her registry, she had a cute laundry hamper and some light blue hangers that sparked an idea for a gift... a laundry themed gift basket! Her shower, nursery, and bath items were all whale themed, so it was fun to stick with blue and white nautical items. Need an easy and adorable gift idea? See what items I included in this baby shower gift basket!

DIY Gender Reveal Confetti Poppers

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Last week I shared the details of our gender reveal party with you! It was so much fun to see the reactions of our family and friends, and just as much fun planning the reveal! Today, I'm going to show you exactly how I made our gender reveal confetti poppers!

Since my  husband and I already knew the gender and the reveal was more for our family, we wanted to do something that everyone could participate in as opposed to us standing in front of everyone and opening a box of balloons or something along those lines. I love all of those types of reveals too, but I just thought it seemed less exciting if you already know the gender yourself! We also were hoping all of our nieces and nephews could attend, and they would have thought confetti was a blast!!! That is how the confetti idea was born, but unfortunately they were on vacation and couldn't make it. It was still fun anyway (who doesn't like confetti?!?!), and definitely made for cool pictures! Our moms reactions were both priceless!

Once we decided on confetti, I started researching popper ideas. I found tons of super adorable ones on Etsy, but most of them seemed like something I could make myself, so I decided to give it a try! It also gave me another opportunity to play with my Silhouette software, which I am trying to get more practice with! So today, I'll show you how you can make your own confetti poppers!

DIY Gender Reveal Confetti Poppers using Silhouette Studio

Your Turn To Shine- No. 41

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Your Turn To Shine weekly link party! Share your crafts and recipes!

Hey y'all! Hope you're having a great week! We're finally starting to make some progress on some of our big projects around here, so I hope you'll stick around to see some laundry room makeover updates in the next few weeks! Until then, I'll be posting some fun baby related crafts I've done! Check out what we've been up to most recently below, then link up your latest work at the bottom!

Gender Reveal!

Friday, July 17, 2015

How to throw a super simple gender reveal party!

Hello, my friends! Super exciting news this week! We finally found out whether or little one is a he or a she!!! Baby Brzu did not want to cooperate for our first ultra sound (shyness must run in the family), so we ended up going to a just-for-fun ultrasound place for a second peek. After a bit of Googling and some advice from friends, I had a Snickers Bar and half a bottle of Mountain Dew before the second ultrasound to get baby moving... and it worked! Babies apparently like sugar and little caffeine. We were able to see the gender! Phew! I don't think I could have lasted the rest of the pregnancy without knowing! Too exciting!

Although my husband and I opted to find out the gender ourselves at the ultrasound, we still wanted to do a gender reveal for our family and closest friends. We wanted to find out ourselves first because we wanted to share that special moment together. However, since it is our first baby, and the first grandchild on my side of the family, we thought it would be fun to share the news with our families in person. Since we just had a big surprise 30th birthday party for my husband and his best friend, I wanted to keep this gender reveal party super simple and affordable. 

We decided to have a small BBQ with just our immediate relatives and a few of our very closest friends to keep the costs down. I made an invitation using PicMonkey* and emailed it to everyone. I had bought these graphics for the 30th birthday, and they just so happened to be perfect for this invitation too! (Location and email removed from invite below for safety reasons)

Gender Reveal invitation for Backyard BaByQ!!!

We bought burgers and hot dogs to grill and made just a few side dishes and snacks. Our family pitched in on a few dishes as well. We crossed our fingers for nice weather so we could hang out on the patio! It turned out to be a beautiful day!

We picked up pink and blue balloons from Party City. They are usually 12 for $12! My sweet friend, Maria, told me to check the dollar store for plates, cups, and napkins, and sure enough, they had light pink and light blue! Perfect!!!

Easy DIY gender reveal party decorations

I made a chalk board sign for guests to tally their votes and displayed it on one of the snack tables. Check out my tutorial on how to transfer printed text to see the method I used for this chalkboard.

Easy DIY gender reveal party decorations

I made some simple cupcakes and dressed them up with these little blue and pink picks I found at Michaels. I just hand wrote "He or She?" on them. Super easy decor!

Easy DIY gender reveal party cupcakes

While browsing the aisles at the craft store, I ran into the Wilton melting candies* and saw that they were on sale. What an easy way to add color! And yummy!!! 

Easy DIY gender reveal party candy

I made an Old Wives Tales chalkboard sign and displayed it on the drink table (complete with adorable striped straws in pink and blue from Party City!). We also posted this sign on Facebook the day before the reveal to see what all of our friends' guesses were! It was a lot of fun to read through the comments!!!

Easy DIY gender reveal party decorations Old wives tales chalkboard sign!

For the big reveal, we wanted something that everyone could participate in, so we decided on confetti poppers! I made these myself! Check back soon for the tutorial :)

DIY Gender Reveal confetti poppers

Everyone wore pink or blue, and I took photos of the teams in front of a paper pennant banner I made! Team Pink was super excited for the reveal!

Wear your guess! Gender reveal team pink!

And Team Blue! :)

Wear your guess! Gender reveal team blue!

Then we handed out confetti poppers to everyone. I had my camera set up on a tripod and continuous shooting ready to capture the action. We all counted to three, and.....

Gender reveal confetti poppers

Blue confetti!!!! It's a boy!!! 

Gender reveal confetti poppers

Pete and I are so thankful that we got to watch our family and friends reactions! It was so much fun!

It's a boy! Balloon gender reveal!

We are super excited for our little man to get here! I can't believe the pregnancy is already half way over!!! Now to start thinking of names and planning the nursery! Let the fun begin! :)

It's a boy! Balloon gender reveal!

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Your Turn To Shine- No. 40

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Your Turn To Shine weekly link party! Share your crafts and recipes!

Welcome to another week of Your Turn To Shine, where we oooooh and ahhhhhh over all of your gorgeous projects! Check out what we've been working on, and then link up at the bottom of the page! Come back next week to see if you've been featured!